Watch and Download: Analog Rebellion -- "Father Abraham"

Daniel Hunter doesn't yet have a name or a release date planned for his next Analog Rebellion release, the formal follow-up (not counting various B-Sides collections and EPs) to his 2010 full-length debut under that moniker, the great Ancient Electrons. But he does have his first single -- a guitar-heavy onslaught called "Father Abraham" -- and an in-tandem music video to go with it.

The video, which can be seen above, was directed by our old pals at Yes Go Productions and filmed at our old El Sibil stomping grounds, where we filmed Hunter for a "DC9 Live at El Sibil"session back in January 2010. Hunter's been a regular fixture at El Sibil all summer long, participating in the arthouse's run of "secret" shows, so maybe this collaboration isn't a huge surprise.

Neither is the fact that the new song kind of jams, much like the other new material we've heard from Analog Rebellion of late. Grab a free download of "Father Abraham" after the jump.

Bonus MP3: Analog Rebellion -- "Father Abraham"

Interesting subject matter from Hunter, for sure, considering he's an atheist...

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This is interesting. Striking similarities between Hoyotoho and AR. This song at least, sounds like a tune Calvin would write. This video and the virgin eyes video are both well done, both play off of similar themes (all of this vid and towards the end of virgin eyes). Also, and most undeniably true, they both mention Old Testament biblical figures in their tunes, Hoyotoho's some of material is based on the story of King Nebuchadnezzar.

I don't think anyone's biting, but it is a strange set of coincidences.

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