This Weekend Only, Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Tickets Are Just Seven Bucks


Quite the deal going on for, oh, the next 57 hours or so: Our sister entity, Voice Daily Deals, is offering a steal on tickets to the 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase on October 15, selling the passes for just $7.

The event, as you already know, will feature performances from the Toadies, Old 97's, Centro-matic, Sarah Jaffe and 51 others (bringing the total number of bands to 55) on 10 stages and seven different venues throughout Deep Ellum.

We'll be along next week with a few more details -- the final list of bands performing, along with where and when to see them playing, and so on and so forth. (One quick note on that front: Best Female Vocalist nominee Sam Robertson has unfortunately dropped off of the bill, as she'll be on the road that weekend, opening for Seryn on tour.) We'll also have some super, duper, amazingly exciting news about the Awards Ceremony, too, which will take place on Tuesday, October 18, at the House of Blues.

In the meantime, take advantage of this deal: You're getting tickets at less than half of their advance-purchase value of $15, and for $18 less than you'll pay if you wait until the day of the event to get. So, y'know, do the smart thing already and step to it.

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Our "sister entity."  I love how the Observer tries to play at being the counterculture voice; how the DMN is nothing more than the puppet of the evil Belo Corporation; all the while the Observer (and its actual sister entities all over the U.S., like the Denver Westworld) are owned by the very large Village Voice Media company.  Too funny.  But it sure keeps Shitze and Wildonkey in their Hunter S. Thompson fantasy land.


Dammit.  Just bought full fare last night.  


TLDR - too busy buying tickets to a show that costs 13 cents per band

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