This Week In Dallas Music History: Lisa Loeb Struggles With the Expectations of Success

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Sixteen years ago this week, Lisa Loeb was suffering a massive fame hangover. She was a year removed from her one and only hit song, "Stay" clogging the radio waves and the charts.

It started as a cute, sweet number; morphed into a record-breaking hit; then it devolved into a song that Loeb herself, along with everyone else with functional ears, had heard way too many times.

In the aftermath of it all, Unfair Park's Robert Wilonsky talked to Loeb, who hadn't yet fully recovered from her instant rise to popularity and even quicker tumble down from it. So, for this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we turn the page back to 1995, when Loeb talked about her fame with all the benefit of hindsight.

She reflected on her so-called "overnight success," which took her years to achieve, she said. She talked about being the first ever unsigned, unmanaged artist to ever have a Billboard No. 1 single. And she talked her then-new album, Tails, which would be released days after the article was published.

Check out the entire story after the jump.

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Check out the entire story in the Observer online archives.

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You forgot about the hit "I Do" and the 7 albums she put out after "Stay".Doesn't sound like a one hit wonder to me.


15minutes of NO fame.


Another single that follows a radio hit doesn't necessarily make the second single a hit just because it gets played on the radio.  And just because she released several albums after that doesn't make them hit either.  All that being said I would dump my wife for Lisa and have her babies.

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