Local on Local: Synth Covers of Your 2011 Dallas Observer Music Award Best Song Nominees

Last year, you may recall, sometime Observer photographer contributor David Wilson shared with us quite the treat by covering all of the 2010 Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees for Best Song on his ukelele and synthesizers.

This year, Wilson's done it again, offering up some fun, borderline Aquedeuct-like covers of the 2011 crop of nominees for Best Song. And, once again, he's kindly offering them all up as free downloads.

Fun stuff, for sure. And you can grab all of his covers after the jump, including his pretty amazing cover of Treal Lee & Prince Rick's "Throwed Off," in which Wilson's used some computer-generated robot vocals to take care of the hooks.

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Jordan Roberts
Jordan Roberts

no blues covers?!?! what a bunch of rigged bullshit! 

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