Listen: Mr. Peppermint & Muffin -- "Yellow Bird"

Mr. Peppermint and friends.
Over on Unfair Park today, Robert's got quite the treat -- an exclusive chat with freshly announced Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony performer Erykah Badu on the subject of the late, great Jerry Haynes on the subject of how the man behind the Mr. Peppermint moniker helped inspire her as a youngster. Must-read stuff, so do go check it out.

Then come back this away and click after this here jump for another treat: An audio clip of Mr. Peppermint and his trusty sidekick Muffin performing the song "Yellow Bird" (complete with a shout-out to Haynes' son Gibby's Butthole Surfers), as recorded in 2002 by Reid Robinson and Mark Ridlen for a 2003 compilation called Texotica, Vol. 1.

Says Robinson of his interaction with Haynes at the time of the recording nine years back: "He was a gentle, kind, and bright person, who influenced a lot of people for the better here."


Robinson also says he'll be putting together a memorial show for Haynes in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted on that front, for sure.

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went to see the Surfers many years ago at the Arcadia. looked behind us and there sat Mr. P.was on my best behavior the rest of the evening. God Bless you Jerry Haynes.

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