Fort Worth's The Moon Bar Set to Move to Ridglea Theater Complex

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Fort Worth's The Moon Bar is moving on up, literally.

Sometime in mid-November, the bar, currently located on the Texas Christian University campus, will move northwest to a spot in the Ridglea Theater complex. But it won't just be a few doors down from the historic theater, according to The Moon Bar owner Chris Maunder, the bar will be connected to the Ridglea by a hallway that runs through the center of the complex.

"[Ridglea Theater owner Jerry Shultz] approached me about moving The Moon over there," Maunder says. "We've been working on this for several months now."

The move works well for all parties involved. The Ridglea Theater will benefit from having other surrounding nightlife options, and The Moon Bar will occupy a space three times the size of its current room. "We'll probably go up to 500 people," Maunder says of the new space.

But, while he's never had a problem filling The Moon Bar with its current 150 capacity, it might be tougher to do so when it makes the move.

"The goal is to continue to challenge our artists the same way that they've challenged us," Maunder says. He hopes to bulk up attendance by broadening the artists booked at The Moon. Aside from booking national and regional acts, he plans to bring in more country and Americana acts, along with burgeoning local hip-hop and dubstep acts.

"I've always tried to bring as many different types of music in that I could," Maunder says. "Some of it didn't translate, so I'm hoping [the move] will help that."

Maunder has another goal in mind, too. He wants to give back to the Fort Worth community. As such, when the bar opens its new doors in mid November, proceeds will go to local non-profits.

"Grand opening week, the plan is to connect a local non-profit to each of the four nights we'll be throwing grand opening parties," Maunder says.

And, yes, he did say four nights of grand opening parties, on which he is working to book popular Fort Worth acts including Burning Hotels, The Orbans, Josh Weathers, Calhoun, Whiskey Folk Ramblers and others.

Maunder is certainly aiming high with the bar's new location, but he seems confident in the ability of both The Moon Bar and the Fort Worth music scene to grow.

Says Maunder: "It's time to get bigger, man."

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The Moon

2911 W. Berry St., Fort Worth, TX

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The Ridglea Theater

6025 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, TX

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Couldn't have happen to a better person Chris is a focused, hardworking, and talented person. His idea's will only better the Fort Worth music scene along with his new space for The Moon. Best of luck Chris I have no doubt that this next venture of yours is going to be unbelievable.

God Bless YouErika Cristantielli

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