Erykah Badu, RTB2, A.Dd+ and Burning Hotels to Perform With The Cannabinoids at the (Free) 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony

Sure, you already know all about the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase on Saturday, October 15, at venues and stages all throughout Deep Ellum. Some big names lined up for that sucker, for sure: Toadies, Old 97's, Centro-matic, Sarah Jaffe. 51 others, too.

But what of the actual awards ceremony set to take place on Tuesday, October 18, at the House of Blues? Kind of screwed ourselves out of getting some big names involved on this one, didn't we?

Not at all, turns out. We've got plenty of star power coming to this thing. Remember the Cannabinoids? Erykah Badu's star-studded live DJ crew featuring the likes of Symbolyc One, Picnictyme, R.C. Williams, DJ A1, Jah Born, Rob Free, and DJ Big Texas? They're playing. Actually, they're our house band.

And, in addition to a set of their own material, they'll serve as the backing band for a set of genre-defying performances from RTB2, The Burning Hotels and A.Dd+.

Oh, and they'll be backing up one more person, too: Badu herself.

Exciting stuff, right? We think so. Even better: This sucker's free to attend. Yes, free.

Trick is, you need a ticket, which you can get by swinging through the Observer offices (2501 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 700) or at the participating venues during the DOMA Showcase event on October 15. In the coming weeks, we'll have a list of other fine music-related retailers around town where you can also score the free passes, so keep an eye here for more details.

You do have another option, though: If you'd prefer a seat at the show and would rather not stand in the general admission portion of the House of Blues' main hall on the night of the awards, you can currently purchase a seat for $5.50 through the House of Blues' ticketing site.

Remember: This event is a 21-and-up event. Because we like to party. And with a lineup like this, we damn well expect to.

Location Info

House of Blues

2200 N. Lamar St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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Will she say "fuck white people" this time?

What about her "New Black Panther Party" affiliated sister Nayrok?  Will she be there to defend John Wiley Price?


Are they ironic enough?   What about facial hair?  Do they wave shit around or play with sparklers in their asses?

Cuz I need to be ENNERTAINED or it's not legit enough for my American Appareal ass.

Pete Freedman
Pete Freedman

She'll be there to support local music and the City of Dallas.

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