Download: Datahowler's Melt Mixtape For The End of Summer


Awkward timing on this one, given what it's like outside at this very moment, but, alas, Ross Edman, the man once known as Objektiv One but now known as Datahowler, passes along a new mixtape today called Melt. It's an homage, he says, to this summer's record-breaking temperatures, drought and forest fires in Texas. And it sure is fitting on that front, featuring warped, distorted dance jams that, as expected, align themselves with Edman's own vintage futuristic ways.

We even get some vintage Edman here, too: The former mashup artist dusts his cap off on this mixtape, offering up some remixes of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's "Round & Round," Madlibs "Do You Really Think" and, fittingly, Flying Lotus' "Melt," which earns itself a nice Staples Singers-sampling beat this time around.

Stream and download the mix after the jump.

Download the whole thing here.

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