Remember When Foo Fighters Played a Garage in Dallas? Now You Can Watch The Whole Tour.

A scene from that Foos show in the 'burbs.
Back in late April, you may recall, we were all pretty excited/jealous to find out that the Foo Fighters were playing a show in a garage somewhere in Dallas to 50 or so people luckier than the rest of us (but not Lovie's Rebecca Dixon). It was, reportedly, the "hottest, sweatiest" show of the tour.

Good thing, too. Because, with the release a few weeks ago of a 40-minute Youtube clip documenting the entire thing, it looks like that's really all the Dallas show had going for it. But we knew that. A couple days after the show, you also might remember, a short clip of the Dallas performance was shared.

Now that we've got the whole thing -- and posted for you to watch after the jump -- it becomes clear fast that, whereas the New York stop featured a retired New York City fireman who'd injured himself working on 9/11, the Washington D.C. stop featured a down-on-their-luck family and the Toronto stop featured probably the biggest Dave Grohl fan in the world, the Dallas show was kind of lame. Aside from a pool, all that the Dallas show had was a bubbly, "lucky" girl who wins things like this kind of often.

While pondering what the hell all the cool, normal people of Dallas did to deserve the national reputation we're currently earning -- and the fact that no one is really helping matters on this front -- give the documentary a watch after the jump. If you must, skip ahead to the 28:10 mark to see the Dallas action. But don't say we didn't warn you when you too come to the conclusion that it's clearly the worst part of the video.


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Did the Dallasites all stand around feigning meh-ness and talking to each other about who has the coke and what ultralounge they're going to after we get our pictures taken so we can be in a Dallas Observer Slide Show?

SF Dallas
SF Dallas

It still would have been cool to be there, I'm pissed that I missed it.


do people that go to garage shows really care about the Foo Fighters?

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