Playboy Names Rio Room One of the Best in the US

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In the latest issue of Playboy, the magazine synonymous with naked ladies and nightlife, the publication's editors compiled a list of the 14 best nightlife hot spots across the US. And we'll be damned if Dallas wasn't included.

The uber-trendy Travis Street night club Rio Room made the cut -- for good reason, too. It's become the place to see and be seen among the DJ, dance, and cool people community.

Erykah Badu and Chromeo did DJ sets to celebrate the club's grand opening night back in late April. And, since that time many superstars, including Diplo, Questlove, and Dirk Nowitzki have graced the dancefloor and the DJ booth.

According to the article, which was much kinder to our fair city than the one GQ ran last week, the large number of beautiful women that can be found at Rio Room on a regular basis, and "Its 'spaceship' dance floor and bar," are reason enough for the club to make the list.

What's most impressive, we think, is how the club has managed to maintain its credibility in the DJ community, and still cater to the $30,000 millionaire set.

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Ian Fredrickson
Ian Fredrickson

I went to college with Playboy's editorial director, Jimmy Jellinek, and saw him at Rio the night Diplo played.  It's good our City got one thing right Super Bowl weekend. 

Rio is the only culturally relevant nightclub in this City, as were Suite and PM before it.  Props to Matthew, Andrea, Parker, et al. for driving Dallas nightlife, continuing to push the vanguard of hip hop and electronic music in this City and for introducing those few $30K millionaires to their next favorite DJ.  Keep up the education.  We need it.



other clubs 'cater' to the 30k millionaires. this club just happens to have a few in there, which could be said for any bar/club in dallas thats not a dive bar or chlli's...

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