Joe Jonas' New Solo Act Gets Booed, Pelted With Basketballs

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Joe Jonas
Just last month, DC9 reported that Dallas' own (Westlake, to be exact) Joe Jonas would be branching out on his own solo project.

Seems the middle JoBro was feeling pigeon-holed in the Disney set, so he has taken a sort of bad boy approach with his new stuff. His people, whoever they are, have even gone as far to say that Joe is aiming to be a "sexier Justin Timberlake."

According to The New York Daily News, though, people didn't take too kindly to the Disney star's new attitude.

Reportedly, his set for the Paper magazine party in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn last week was booed. And, to top it off, Jonas was the recipient of some swift moving basketballs to the face, tossed at him while onstage. Luckily for him, they were not regulation size, rather, they were miniature basketballs.

But it certainly begs several questions:

Who brings a basketball to a concert?

Do people even play basketball in Williamsburg?

Why would Jonas play a show in the current hipster mecca of the universe?

Hard to say on all counts. But it certainly isn't a good way to a new career as a sexy bad-boy.

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I was actually at the concert and the New York Daily News "article" is very misleading and mostly untrue. The basketballs were freebies given away with the free beer. There were 1 or 2 thrown at the stage, but none of them hit Jonas (now that would have been a viral video sensation don't you think?) The party was thrown for the launch of Paper Magazine's summer music issue - Joe was one of three artists featured on the cover. Also, it was entirely too hot in the un-airconditioned venue for people to boo...those who didn't care about Joe were outside. It was actually a really fun event and people enjoyed both performances by all of the artists.


Typical half-assed observer reporting. RTFA....

Audience members were even targeting Jonas with green Nerf-style mini-basketballs that Corona beer, one of the night's sponsors, had handed out to partygoers.


I'm inclined to agree with your third question.  He's a Jonas Brother playing in the hipster capital of the universe.  What did he expect?  


This is NOT true!!! 

Hugh P. Nis
Hugh P. Nis

They probably had one of those Pop-A-Shot basketball games in the bar. Some of the smaller versions use mini basketballs instead of regulation size balls. Now whether hipsters play basketball...who knows...


thank you netter.  note to daniel hopkins and the unprofessional, amateur editorial staff at dallas observer.  please check your facts before reporting or publishing stories.  stories like this make you no better than some 17 year old pop culture obsessed blogger with no journalistic experience.  report the whole story please. 

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