In Honor of Nicki Minaj's Dallas Hotel Skirmish: The Ten Best Musician Fights of All-Time

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By nature, musicians are a rowdy bunch. When tempers run high, as they often do with this hot-blooded bunch, stuff gets broken. And by "stuff," we mean musicians themselves.

When musicians fight, it's often very public, very bloody, and the source of national news.

Such was the case this week when Nicki Minaj got into an altercation at Dallas' Palomar Hotel on Monday night. Although Nicki appears to have survived her ordeal with nary a scratch on her, other musicians have not fared so well. If you think Nicki's hotel snafu is a big deal, click on the jump for ten musician fights that make Nickigate look tame.

All we've gotta say about it is this: You kids better cut it out before someone gets hurt.

10. Pete Wentz v. Albuquerque bouncer, 2007. When Fall Out Boy invited a bunch of fans onstage during a show, an altercation ensued between FOB's personal security guard and one of the club's bouncers. Pete leapt to his guard's defense, and the ensuing brawl found Pete and the bouncer toppling offstage and continuing to trade blows in the audience. Those emo kids sure do like blood.

9. Kid Rock v. Tommy Lee, 2007. Pamela Anderson sure knows how to pick 'em. We're not sure exactly why Kid Rock punched Tommy Lee at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards -- and post-fight interviews with the astonishingly eloquent Kid and Tommy don't give many clues, either. Being firm believers in Darwinism, we think the security should've let 'em duke it out.

8. Lamb of God v. each other, 2008.
Bands probably duke it out plenty in the privacy of their tour buses from time to time. But this one is notable because someone with a video camera got the dubious honor of recording these metalheads having a drunken spat. The best line in the video, clearly, is the one directed at highly intoxicated singer Randy Blythe, who has inexplicably acquired an Irish accent during the course of the brawl: "Dude! Randy! You're American!"

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Other greatest hits: Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs ending up in the hospital after gettin' his clock cleaned by a bouncer after their show at Liberty Lunch in Austin (Dallas show the next night was cancelled); Rigor Mortis dog pilin' Megadeth behind the Longhorn Ballroom back in 1986; Dwarves at Clearview - audience member spits on Blag, turns around to make sure his friends saw it, then turns back around towards the stage to catch a Shure 58 straight between the eyes at full impact; and best of all, three members of Jane's Addiction (minus Steve) all beating the shit out of each other backstage at Theatre Gallery after their debut Dallas performance. Those are just the rock shows. Hip-hop shows have their own encyclopedia of beefs and mishaps.


ooh, thanks Jeff!  I should've called you before writing this, those are some good ones.


an article on band fights and no mention of the Gallagher brothers?  for shame

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