Polyphonic Spree Debuts New Song, Announces Interactive App at Dallas Museum of Art Gig

The Polyphonic Spree played a free show at the Dallas Museum of Art on Friday night, and, as expected given all that the band and their related entities have going on these days, the band debuted some new material.

Clad in white robes, the band performed a new song called "Bullseye" that, as frontman Tim DeLaughter announced to the crowd, would soon be released with a music video and an interactive smart-phone app. The song itself is a little slow at this point -- maybe kinks are still being worked out -- while pretty sounding inspiring in that token Spree way. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what, exactly the application that goes along with the song will entail.

Till that news drops, you can enjoy our slideshow from the night, as well as a video of the song's debut performance from Friday night that's been posted after the jump, courtesy of our friends at Gutterth Productions.

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Moonbot Studios just launched the App for iPhone & iPad! An interactive music video for The Polyphonic Spree! - tinyurl.com/bullseyeapp


We here at the Dallas Observer have made a firm commitment to you, dear reader: If Tim Delaughter farts, WE will report it, YOU decide.

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