Picture Show: The Nighty Nite Make Their Live Dallas Debut at the Double Wide

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All photos by Steve Visneau
John Congleton and the live Dallas debut of the Nighty Nite on Saturday at the Double Wide.
On Saturday night, as you no doubt already know, John Congleton's new band, The Nighty Night, made their live Dallas debut with a performance at the Double Wide. It was quite the stirring display, too -- about which we'll have plenty more in this week's print edition of DC9. We'll have some comments from Congleton, too, who expands for us his already stated chosen direction for the band.

In the meantime, though, enjoy the visual side of the performance after the jump. This whole slew of pictures comes courtesy of our own Steve Visneau, who was there to document it all for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. And, actually, listen to this as you do.
















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3510 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

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