Picture Show: The Naptime Shake Shakes Things Up at AT&T PAC's Patio Sessions

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All photos by Laura Mann
The Naptime Shake's Noah W. Bailey

The heat was indeed sweltering as The Naptime Shake's Noah W. Bailey and Chris Mayes tuned their instruments on the AT&T Performing Arts Center patio yesterday afternoon. 

"We're gonna play the slow, lazy version of our songs," said Naptime Shake steel guitarist Chris Mayes. "'Cause it's hot. And we're lazy." 

They had some relief: Thursday's Patio Sessions concert was set up in the shade, away from the blistering sun, allowing patrons to chill out, sip a beverage and enjoy the Naptime Shake's countrified offerings. Many of these attendees were folks who'd remained downtown after attending the Mavericks' victory parade -- or so could be assumed from the Mavs jerseys seen among the attendees.

Click on the jump for a quick slideshow of the afternoon's festivities, which were the perfect antidote to the craziness of the Mavs parade.


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AT&T Performing Arts Center

2403 Flora St., Dallas, TX

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Nick R.

It's very true WaxFoo. Very true. Though, your Web Privacy link doesn't seem to support that.

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