Beauty Bar To Host "Unofficial" Girl Talk After-Party. Plus, It's The New Home For Cool Out.

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I see what the Granada Theater is doing, and I like it. For the second time this month, after hosting a big draw on a Thursday night, the venue has decided to throw an unofficial after-party the way of DJ Sober and his weekly Big Bang! event at Beauty Bar. Tonight's "unofficial Girl Talk after-party" is pretty special, too, as Sober will be joined by noted Boston-based crate-digger Kon (of Kon & Amir) on the decks. Should be a good time. Usually is, as you can tell from the above video, which was gloriously captured a few months back by our pal Kiddrae.

But, turns out, that's not the only Beauty Bar news of note this week.

Starting on Monday, June 27, DJs Tony Schwa and Adam Pickrell will start hosting their highly successful Cool Out Mondays at the popular Henderson Avenue hotspot, too.

The move comes less than three months after the weekly set up shop at Bar Celine (also on Henderson) in the wake of Lower Greenville establishment The Cavern's change of format. But, with Bar Celine and shared-space restaurant Park closing earlier this week to make room for a new venture run by the owners of Capitol Pub, Cool Out again found itself homeless. Three days ago, it hosted its final Bar Celine event.

This change of venue won't find any lull in the action, though. The new event will start immediately, Schwa tells DC9.

"They heard about the closing and asked us to move over there," he says.

Simple as that.

Speaking of Cool Out, Schwa and Pickrell are also throwing a cruise on Saturday, July 2. For tickets and more information, check the Facebook event page.

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Beauty Bar

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