Adele Reschedules Her Canceled Dallas Show. Moves On Up to a Bigger Venue, Too.

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Hundreds of fans who purchased tickets to Adele's June 15 show at the House of Blues were left disappointed when Adele canceled several tour dates, including the aforementioned Dallas date, due to laryngitis.

Well, now we have good and better news on that front.

The good news: She's all better, and is hitting the road once again. Adele has rescheduled all of her canceled tour stops, including Dallas. She'll pay us a visit on October 21. The venue has been changed, though; instead of playing House of Blues, Adele will be playing the larger Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie. According to her website, all tickets purchased for the House of Blues show will be honored at the door on the night of the show.

And, yes, Verizon is bigger than House of Blues. Which leads us to the better news.

On July 22 at 10 a.m. CST, additional tickets for this show will go on sale. We'll let you know where to go for those tickets as soon as that information is released, but in the meantime, we recommend checking Verizon's box office site, as the tickets will probably go on sale there first.

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How do tickets for a standing room venue translate to a seated venue?


moving to a bigger venue, huh? there's a fat joke in there somewhere


they may do a "pit" up front. though Adele's music isn't necessarily mosh friendly.......i'm sure they will dream up a solution. p.s. "there's a fat joke in there somewhere" hahahahahaha i love dark humor :)

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