We Snuck Into The X Factor Auditions And All We Got Were These Lousy Photos of Hopefuls.

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How far would you go for $5 million? For the thousands of singing hopefuls who crowded the Dallas Convention Center to audition for Simon Cowell's new show X Factor this week, it seems that the answer is a resounding "Uh, pretty damn far, actually."

These people waited spent two whole days waiting in line -- first for a wristband that allowed them to audition, then for the auditions themselves. Folks began queuing up at 4 a.m. on both Wednesday and Thursday morning, just for the chance to sing for the judges.

We here at DC9 don't have that kind of patience; we just snuck right in to the auditions through a back entrance. There, we got a couple of shots of X Factor hopefuls before being (gently) kicked out for taking pictures. Although many folks were dressed to the nines, they mostly just looked exhausted after waited two days to do something other than stand around in line.

Click on the jump for a photo diary of our stop by the auditions.

We asked this guy to put on his best rock star face. "I've been here since 6 a.m.," he said. "I don't have it in me."

This guy had also been waiting since the wee hours. We wished him luck and carried on.

This girl was impossibly tall and thin. But we really liked how the two gold caps on her teeth matched her dress.

Behold, the holding room!

Catching some z's during the long, long wait. Isn't this why the snuggie was invented?

This guy put on his game face for us, although he was clearly worn out.

Having a stuffed animal to lean on was a popular idea. Creepy!

"OMG, gurl, imma b a millionair!"

"I'm not very photogenic," claimed this girl who was trying out to be on a television show, before asking to check our photo so she could make sure she looked cute.

This guy mostly looked stunned when we asked to take his picture. Why was this such a common thing? Dudes, you're trying to be on TV!

This dude, easily our favorite from the auditions, was carrying an awesome guitar with "SRV" written on the side. Yeah, Texas!

This girl was belting out some tunes in the parking lot outside. Unfortunately, she didn't make the cut. Even more unfortunate is that her friend apparently found this to be hilarious.

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