Ten New Pro-America Toby Keith Songs Now That Osama bin Laden's Been Killed


Once news began circulating that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a gunfight at his safe-house outside Islamabad, it wasn't long before America's cultural taste-makers got to work.

News anchors got their makeup on. Pundits nuanced. Poets cried. But, like they did almost 10 years ago, in the deepest pit of our nation's tragedy, pop country artists got to work.

Sure, Nashville had plenty to say about 9/11. Alan Jackson's "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)," Darryl Worley's "Have You Forgotten?" and Ray Stevens' meditative "Osama (Yo' Mama)" all tapped into some strain of the national consciousness. But it's Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" that we all remember best, for immediately capturing the American spirit in those first few months of the War on Terror, as we marched forward, heads held high, boots ready for all the terrorist ass out there to kick.

So maybe it's no surprise that just hours after the New York Times published its lengthy bin Laden obituary, we've learned that Keith has penned, recorded and decided to release a send-off of his own -- a new full-length called Three Shots of Whiskey and One To the Head.

With Keith's trademark blend of hard-livin', guts-and-ammo straight talk and political sensibilities, he nails the national mood yet again as we celebrate our biggest win yet against al Qaeda. You may never know what it's like to be an elite Navy SEAL on the biggest covert op of your life, but, with Keith cranked high on your truck stereo, even a drive to Kroger is gonna make you feel like a badass today.

Tracks on Keith's new album include:
1. Three Shots of Whiskey and One To the Head
2. Abbottabad Asses
3. Obama Dun Got 'Im (Osama Bin Laden)
4. Pound Yer Compound
5. Even a Democrat Can Kick A Little Ass
6. 72 Biker Chicks Waitin' On Me Back Home
7. Opening Up a Can in Pakistan
8. Whose Boot Is That Up Yer Ass? America's.
9. Yer Next Gaddafi
10. Palin Woulda Done It Herself

Plus one hidden bonus track: Keith covers James McMurtry's "Where'd You Hide the Body?"

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Obama had to put a stop to the drama,Biden riding shotgun in the SUV, W throwing up Preston Hollow 4 life, while Cheney's waterboarding Osama's small testes, Yeah they brought it to em, kickin ass in Abbottabad Pakistan, Yeah they brought it to em, one shot to the dome he fell back to his fateful end, that coward Bin should have known what was comin, when he orchestrated that Sept. 11 tragedy, he should have gotten the memo Don't Fuck with Us, it would have saved himself from his future misery...now his swimming with the fishes at the bottom of the sea....Peace Out and Go U.S.


Kudos on using the cross around his neck as a "t" in the title.


As a infantryman in the army and been deployed a total of 27 months I think he is and idiot. Appearently its hard for him to come up with his own material and thinks he understands what it likes to be in a war and if you are a true patirot pick up a fucking gun and join the military and bust some skulls. If not shut the fuck up


fuck toby keith

get back
get back

no thanks, the south lost dumbass.

ping pong
ping pong

yeah, he's beneath kudos, chief. oh, but DO enjoy his bar'n'grill, won't'cha????????oh, and buy a FUCKING pickup while you are at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was referring to Mr. Michels and Mr. Rallo, not Mr. Keith. You do realize that this is a joke, right? There isn't an actual Toby Keith album coming out called "Three Shots of Whiskey and One To the Head." Note the "laughs" tag at the bottom.

Some people, man...

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