The Angelus and Burning Hotels Tease Albums, Joey Kendall and Datahowler Release Free Ones

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It's time for your weekly local music grab bag, y'all...

  • Seems like gothic area folk-rock outfit The Angelus is finally gearing up to release the follow-up to their 2004 EP: The Emil Rapstine-led, semi-Josh T. Pearson-produced outfit just released the above trailer for their upcoming full-length, called On A Dark & Barren Land, earlier this week, and it's a doozy. Filmed by former Bridges & Blinking Lights frontman Jake Wilganowski and comprised of "thousands of still photos using a time-lapse dolly and a 24mm tilt-shift lens," the clip serves as a staunch reminder of Rapstine's powerful vocals and his band's quite-haunting sound. Here's looking forward to that disc's release.

  • Speaking of upcoming albums: Fort Worth's The Burning Hotels, who were once totally into post-punk but are now on more of a New Wave tip, are hard at work on their new full-length, too. And they're keeping fans completely in the loop on the process. In addition to a string of progress reports released earlier this year, the band has also started leaking documentary footage of their studio sessions. "Chapter One" of these so-called "Memory Sessions" was posted a couple months back, and, today, the band released "Chapter Two." It's definitely worth a watch, too -- not just because it sounds like these guys are really on to something with their new sound, but because the clips also provide some nice insight into their songwriting process.

  • Speaking of songwriting processes: Grapevine's Joey Kendall, one of the more unique and consistent songwriters in town, has recently released a new disc -- and he'll take whatever you're willing to pay for it in return. The collection, called Joey Kendall Was Here, is a mish-mash of home recordings, live recordings and John Congleton-helmed studio recordings. And, in the case of one song, "The Closest Things," you can get both the live and the studio versions. Perhaps most revealing of all these tracks, though, is "Sing to Me, Tiffany," which finds the mastermind behind Mount Righteous performing a formerly cacophonous effort in defiantly bare-bones fashion, featuring only him, a guitar, and his Mount Righteous bandmates (and now wife) Kendall Anne Kendall on backing vocals. Well worth the download, for sure; the other day, a friend and I were discussing Kendall and we concluded that he's never really written a bad song. One of the region's great pop minds, for sure.

  • Speaking of new releases, Frisco's Datahowler is about to become Dallas' Datahowler: The man behind the moniker, Ross Edman, is moving out of the suburbs and into the hustle-and-bustle of the big city. Which, surely, is good news for Dallasites looking to catch his live show. And who wouldn't? Back in February, we said his full-length debut, Slowdrifter, "stands as a rich exploration of a sound that's distinctively hip-hop at its core, yet simultaneously runs away from many of the formalized conventions of the genre." An impressive release, for sure. More impressive? The recently Spune-signed act has already followed up that release with another one: His free Passengers As Eggs EP got premiered earlier this week via Prefix Magazine's web site. And, like Slowdrifter, it's a disc to get lost in. Download it below.

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