Pictures Galore: Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians Reunion, Jerry Lee Lewis at Wildflower and LMFAO at Cuervo Games

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Mike Brooks /
Edie Brickell
Down in Blanco this weekend, a rare treat: The New Bohemians -- and, yes, with Edie Brickell -- performed a gig, this one coming as part of a benefit concert held to help raise funds for the Blanco High School Band. And, lucky us, Friend of DC9 Mike Brooks was there, camera in tow, and capturing some fine images from the affair.

The pictures only tell part of the story, though, as Brooks explains: "They sounded way better than they looked," he says.

And as for the event as a whole?

"I think they did pretty well," Brooks says. "There were maybe 350 people there. But it was a great night; I mean, Edie Brickell danced in a conga line with all these parents from Blanco. It was one of those nights."

After the jump, check out a couple more images from the affair. Then go check out Brooks full set here. Oh, and feel free to check out our other slideshow batches from the weekend -- one which included Jerry Lee Lewis playing the Wildflower! Festival in Richardson and LMFAO performing a free show as part of the Cuervo Games down on South Lamar.

Mike Brooks /
Mike Brooks /

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Hope the parents get it, but the kids, I'm sure, have no idea who just played a show at their high school! Wow.

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