New John Congleton Band The Nighty Nite Releases EP, Free Download Of First Single

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Merritt Martin
John Congleton and a cat.

Back in March, The Paper Chase's mastermind and frontman, John Congleton, gave us the scoop: His old band was all but dead. But a new one, called The Nighty Nite, was coming up to replace it. As for what people could expect: "I don't think anybody's going to be super shocked by what it sounds like," Congleton told us. "I only know how to play guitar one way, and I only know how to write a certain type of song."

Certainly, that explains why "Dimes in their Dimples," the first leaked track off the band's upcoming EP, Dimples, which will be released on Graveface Records on June 21, very much sounds like a Paper Chase B-side. Give the song a listen and download after the jump. Then catch the band, which also features Paper Chase drummer Jason Garner, as well as members of Shearwater, Hospital Ships, and Wires Under Tension on June 11 when it makes its Dallas debut at the Double Wide.

In the meantime, catch up with Congleton here, in an interview with Arkansas' Fayetteville Flyer, who stole Congleton away for a few minutes in advance of the band's first-ever show, which will take place in Fayetteville on Saturday night. Among the reveals Congleton shares: The Paper Chase had to go on hiatus because bass player Bobby Weaver needed to focus on other things; the songs on the EP sound more like The Paper Chase than the forthcoming LP do; and, despite people telling him the new stuff sounds weirder or darker, he's not sure he really agrees.

Indeed. Based on what we're hearing in "Dimes in their Dimples," the Nighty Nite basically sounds like The Paper Chase, Vol. 2. Which is A-OK by us.

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This guy, "not quite" must really have a heavy-on jealousy trip going on.  Anytime a local congleton article is posted he comes back with a negative calling him "dongleton"  What's up with that?  If you don't like the guy so much, and I could understand his music is not for everyone; why go to the effort!   Really strange, congleton must have peeed down his leg at some point.


I think Not Quite is just a tad obsessed with Congleton.

not quite
not quite

fucking awful. jamesnosenothing.. another swing and miss for dongleton...

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