It's Official: Tim DeLaughter's New Band, Preteen Zenith, Will Make Its Debut in July.

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And so it is.
Well, we thought this would be the case, and, turns out, we were right: Tim DeLaughter's new band will indeed make its debut at the Gorilla Vs. Bear Festival taking place at the Granada Theater on Saturday, July 23. Says so, even on the Facebook page for the new band, which, DeLaughter confirms to DC9, is called Preteen Zenith.

The above photo, which was also taken from the band's Facebook page, features DeLaughter and his former Tripping Daisy bandmate Philip Karnats, currently of The Secret Machines, who also released a solo disc for Good Records Recordings back in 2006. No official word on other members, although we can confirm that drummer Jason Garner, formerly of The Paper Chase and The Polyphonic Spree, is also involved.

The band's Facebook page now confirms that drummer Jason Garner (Polyphonic Spree, The Paper Chase, Nighty Night) is in the band, along with guitarist Dylan Silvers (The Crash That Took Me, Polyphonic Spree).

We're also not fully certain of when the band will get around to releasing new music, although another Facebook note from the folks at Good Records, which directs people to a new Facebook page for Good Records Recordings, indicates that we could be hearing new music from the project sooner rather than later.

"Good Records Recordings relaunch happening summer 2011," the note says.

And, well, that's all we've got for the moment. DeLaughter promises more info soon.

Looking forward to it.

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Granada Theater

3524 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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A Fan
A Fan

Wow, this is so fucking cool.  Coincidentally, I've been on a Polyphonic Spree kick for the past week, and found "Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb" at the thrift store today, whilst I was wearing a "Fragile Army" t-shirt.  


It's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG time coming!  I can't WAIT to see Tim & Phil together on stage again. I wish Mark, Bryan & Ben were also joining them. I am overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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