Good Friday: Memorial Day Weekend Edition!

The Twilight Singers
Sam Holden
This week, since we won't be around on Monday, we're going to include Monday's shows in this here weekend round-up of sorts. And it just so happens that what may be the biggest show of the weekend is on Monday: The Twilight Singers and Margo & The Nuclear So & So's will be at Granada Theater.

But there are three whole days before that happens, and we've got plenty of other shows for you to check out, too, starting with the ones we've mentioned all week.

Tonight, Devin The Dude will play to a presumably hazy room at Granada Theater with the help of opening act Coughee Brothaz, and Here Holy Spain, Bad Design, Soviet, and Paper Robot will be at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton. Also, at Dada, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. will perform with Generationalists.

On Saturday, Whiskey Folk Ramblers and a reunited Sorta will be at The Kessler Theater, and Super Furry Animals singer Gruff Rhys will be at Dada with opening act Y Niwl. Meanwhile, over at The Granada Theater, Dredg, The Dear Hunter, Balance Of Composure, and The Trophy Fire will put on a crunchy, angsty show.

On Sunday, Manchester Orchestra, Cage The Elephant, and Sleeper Agent will play at The Palladium Ballroom, and Home By Hovercraft will be at Bryan Street Tavern.

Hit the jump for more of this weekend's shows.

38 Special
Friday, May 27, at Farmers Branch Historical Park

It's pretty safe to say that, since its inception in 1974, 38 Special has existed in the shadow of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Which kind of sucks for them. But if you're a butt-rock lifer, and find yourself in Farmers Branch tonight, this might be the show for you.

David Ford, John Lefler
Friday, May 27, at All Good Cafe

The former singer from the British band Easyworld finds himself ending his US tour at the All Good Cafe with opening act John Lefler tonight. The Dallas-based Lefler is an accomplished singer-songwriter in his own right, with a solo album in tow, all the while carrying guitar duties for emo-pop favorites, Dashboard Confessional. But Lefler's solo stuff is much different from the band that signs his paycheck. In fact, it's probably more akin to Ford's style.

Guitar Shorty
Friday, May 27, at Poor David's Pub

A legendary blues musician in the perfect venue in which to see him.

Shaun Martin & His 12-Piece Band
Friday, May 27, at The Kessler Theater

So, apparently Go-Go wasn't just a style of dance, but a style of music too -- one based in funk and soul. Shaun Martin & His 12-Piece Band will be pulling out all the stops in their Go-Go party tonight at The Kessler, which will be part of the venue's Camp Wisdom Concert Series.

George Acosta
Saturday, May 28, at Lizard Lounge

Legendary Trance DJ George Acosta will be at Lizard Lounge on Saturday night. The Miami DJ has been spinning for over a decade and has released a staggering 13 albums since 1999. He's taken the last few years off, but is back in support of his new record, Visions Behind Expressions.

Dru B Shinin', galleryCat, Six 2
Saturday, May 28, at Lola's Saloon

We do a lot of talking about galleryCat and rest of the Dallas Hip-Hop scene, but we don't really talk a lot about Fort Worth's scene. In fact, we didn't even know Fort Worth had a Hip-Hop scene outside of Tum Tum and Twisted Black until Dru B Shinin' crept up. Tomorrow night, the two scenes will collide for an East Coast-West Coast sort of a thing.

Rick Springfield, Spin Doctors
Saturday, May 28, at Farmers Branch Historical Park

On Saturday night, Farmers Branch will try to make up for the complete musical debauchery of the night before -- and they will fail miserably. Still, I'll take Rick Springfield and Spin Doctors over 38 Special any day. If you're life won't be complete without seeing "Jessie's Girl" live, now's your chance.

Xander Harris, Diamond Age, Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things
Saturday, May 28, at Pastime Tavern

This will certainly be an interesting show at Pastime Tavern on Saturday. Xander Harris is a relatively new act, with a sort of analog, electro sound. Diamond Age follows with its sound-scapey stuff, and then Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things will open the show with their explosive instrumental post-rock. 

Girl In A Coma
Sunday, May 29, at Prophet Bar

Named after a Smiths song (we'll let you guess which one), Girl In A Coma is an impressive all-girl act from San Antonio. The pop-rock trio has an impressive history, having signed onto Joan Jett's label Blackheart Records, and opening for the likes of Frank Black, Tegan & Sara and many others.

...and that's pretty much it from us. Got more shows? Throw them in the comments. We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. And remember: Never forget.

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Michael Briggs
Michael Briggs

Ryan Thomas Becker & Last Joke is headlining the Rubber Glove show. Here Holy Spain is not playing.You missed the show at J&J's. Two Knights / Sons of Linden / Cat on a Rope / Spelling Bee / Innards. Free.

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