Denton Ex-Pats Fergus & Geronimo Debut Killer New Song In Daytrotter Session

Johnnie Cluney for Daytrotter
Fergus and Geronimo, illustrated.
I'll be perfectly honest with you guys: I kind of hated the debut full-length from Fergus & Geronimo.

, in my eyes, was far too jokey, far too hokey and far too wannabe Zappa-esque. Live, it fared better, but, on record, it was like former Dentonites Andrew Savage and Jason Kelly knew exactly how talented they were, exactly how much interest there was in their efforts and exactly how well their record would do before they wrote it -- to the point where, when they, y'know, sat down and wrote it, they intentionally threw up a stinker, just as some sort of pseudo-social experiment. That's how it goes in my mind, at least.

But, then again, I'm mostly just jaded that these guys could write a song that so awesomely combined lo-fi punk and Motown revival as "Tell It In My Ear," and then mostly drop that direction altogether after getting signed to Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art. (Apologies to "Powerful Lovin'.")

Imagine my delight, then, upon finding that, in the band's Daytrotter session that got posted this past week, they debuted a new song called "Strange Wool" that, while maintaining plenty of their new oddball aesthetic, also stands as a definite throwback to their original sound, although I wouldn't really recommend it for work-time listening thanks to its subject matter. Still, an awesome song, and one that kind of boasts some small nodds to Smokey Robinson's "You Really Got A Hold of Me" and Dion's "Runaround Sue." Download it, and the rest of the session here. Or just go ahead and stream the sucker after the jump.

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Citizen Polack
Citizen Polack

Cute, but a bit redundant (and painfully long). If that's the "killer" part of the record I could probably do without the filler. I think the popularity of this band has a little bit of that whole "people just like the name" flavor...and luckily for them the "hip nerd" thing is still going on. Are they any good live?

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