Bonus MP3: Christian Jegard -- "I Want To Be In The Polyphonic Spree"

Who wouldn't want to be in The Polyphonic Spree?
It's not that hard to be a member of The Polyphonic Spree. With 26 or so members in the band at any given time, about one in every 46,069 Dallasites can stake that claim.

Hey, it takes a lot to write and produce the world's happiest music. And, clearly, being a part of the Spree's extensive lineup is certainly a choice gig -- so much so that Christian Jegard, singer for British pop-punk outfit The Valentines, wrote a song about it.

Jegard's home-recorded "I Want to Be in the Polyphonic Spree" is pretty much the cutest thing since kittens, with lines like "I'd get my own multicolored robe / and sing on all the songs, except for 'One Man Show' 'cause I don't like that one" and his mispronunciation of frontman Tim DeLaughter's last name. Clearly, though, DeLaughter digs it: The song was posted recently to the official Polyphonic Spree blog. So who knows? Maybe Jegard's dreams will come true.

Seriously, if you're having a weary Thursday, click on the jump for a two-minute dose of happy.

Bonus MP3: Christian Jegard -- "I Want To Be In The Polyphonic Spree"

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julie doyle
julie doyle

wow. you guys are FAST! we posted that a long while back at poly site.....then a couple of hours ago, daniel (huffman) texted me about how he'd just heard it and loved as well. so, decided to share on FB.....christian has recently sent us another song that was to be on his EP but decided not to release it cuz he says he didn't like beginning cuz it was "too dull"...he thought whole outro was great but said he was basically ripping off poly, thus, didn't feel ok about releasing....i'm listening now! will share if he approves. kid....has character. can't help but embrace him!

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