Wayne Coyne To Hand-Deliver Flaming Lips' Gummy Skull EPs to Good Records at 2 P.M.

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Danny Fulgencio
Wayne Coyne, just a few weeks ago at Good Records.
Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, it turns out, is a man of his word.

At the start of the calendar year, Coyne, in a sit-down with Rolling Stone, said that his band, in part inspired by Kanye West, would be releasing music on a monthly basis in 2011, be it "on vinyl, cereal boxes or some of it on toys that we make."

Well, we've already seen the vinyl -- the band's collaboration with Neon Indian -- and now comes the toys. The Lips are currently releasing a four-song EP of songs in the form of a USB drive stuck inside an edible gummy skull. They're going for $150 -- a high price, sure, but a unique release nonetheless. Especially since you need to eat through the skull to get to the drive. Really.

And you might want to head to your nearest bank teller ASAP. Good Records' Chris Penn says that in, oh, about 20 minutes or so, Coyne will arriving at the revered Dallas record store to hand-deliver the suckers, just as he did the Neon Indian collaboration.

Turns out, Coyne has good reason to roll through town today, too...

According to Penn, Coyne's trip to Good will come after the Lips frontman will have dropped off masters of a song he wrote as an homage to the "Super Moon" from a few weeks back to be pressed on vinyl. As with the Neon Indian collaboration, Coyne is using Dallas' A&R Records to print and press this new release.

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walking ain't art, dumbass
walking ain't art, dumbass

does he have to return? "toys that we make," huh? tell you what, wayne. why don't you guys go cover the final cut instead? man, you are so full of shit..

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