Watch: Beware The Wrath of Meat Loaf...

Meat Loaf!
We already knew that he could barely fit his dick in his pants, but on last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Dallas' Own Meat Loaf -- born Marvin Lee Aday and educated at Thomas Jefferson High School and North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) -- showed that he can also hardly contain his rage.

On the show, in a scene that had been teased in promos all season long, Meat flipped out on noted nut job Gary Busey for stealing his materials as their team was priming to get their paint on for some sort of art project fundraiser or something. Turns out, though, Meat just misplaced his paint -- Busey hadn't stolen it, as Meat had originally believed. Whoops! No big deal either way -- noted horse-saver John Rich and Mark McGrath, who knows a thing or two about things crumbling around him, were, like, totally there to keep Busey and Meat in check.

Many thanks to reality television for making a paragraph like the above one possible. Oh, and you can watch a clip the meltdown after the jump. Definitely do so -- it's a pretty amazing watch.

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Alexander Flores
Alexander Flores

Let it be known, don't mess with another man's art supplies... ;)

just sayin'
just sayin'

I would have loved to see those fat, old women lock horns.


Great story of him insisting, before he renewed his contract with Columbia, he meet the founder, William Paley. A lunch is arranged in Paley' private dining room at CBS.

He walks in, "Yo, Bill!" Paley, who hasn't a clue who he is, "Hello, Mr. Loaf."


F u n n y! yet another case of overly passionate temperamental artists... - Jeeze!

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