RTB2 Premieres "Goon," Bowling For Soup Releases "Saturday" and The Cush Get Refueled.

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Lots of news coming down the pipeline today on the local music video front, as two longtime area favorites debut new music videos and a third act -- once a local, then not a local, and now a local once more -- gets a little shine in the form of a taped performance.

Hit the jump to take it all in -- the visuals, some pertinent information about those videos, and all that kind of jazz.

  • Another proud Denton outfit, Bowling for Soup, also has a new disc en route -- Fishin' for Woos, the band's first release since 2009 and 11th overall, which is set for release tomorrow, in fact. Today, to get things rolling for tomorrow's sales, no doubt, the band released the official music video for the new album's lead single, "S-S-S-Saturday," which, if nothing else, once again proves the band's knack for writing catchy pop-punk hooks. The video itself, meanwhile, is a collection of clips featuring both the band and fans enjoying a typical Saturday night. Check it out:

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ben dover
ben dover


Citizen Polack
Citizen Polack

Clever with names AND insightful, Ben! More please! RTB2 rules and Bowling for Soup drools....

ben dover
ben dover

ah yes, c. polack. what up, fellow wsjr refugee? welpers, rtb2.. o.k. i guess, bfs.. not so much.. two knights?? total awsomeness!! fuck the cush, that shit's ghey...

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