Listomania: Six Album Covers Inspired by Lady Gaga's Born This Way

Alexander Flores
Tina Fey's daughter still has it. Though Lady Gaga is not her Godmother.
If Lady Gaga's nude butt didn't illuminate the tone of "Born This Way," then the surrealist image of her face and arms fused with a hellish-motorcycle will brighten it to near-sun levels.

This image, which MTV has called "surreal," came shortly before the "gaga saga" of 2011--wherein Weird Al Yankovic proposed a parody of "Born This Way" called "I Perform This Way," was denied by Gaga management, and then later approved by Gaga herself. Fun times, fun times.

In the spirit of Weird Al, DC9 at Night would like to propose a few parodies of our own. Album cover parodies, that is. We're not looking to stomp in Weird Al's ground here (OK, maybe we are), but we think we have some solid ideas for Recording Executive Folks. Make the jump to see our top five.

Thumbnail image for BTW_Bourne.jpg
Jason Bourne will roundhouse you if you don't listen to his album.

Thumbnail image for BTW_Bjorn.jpg
BabyBjorn's newest release.

Thumbnail image for BTW_JonathanDavisKORN.jpg
Korn even jumped in the mix.

Thumbnail image for BTW_RipTorn.jpg
Men In Black's Rip Torn has a beautiful voice.

Thumbnail image for BTW_StevenTyler.jpg
American Idol Star Steven Tyler can't leave a good marketing idea alone.

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Take this down. I'm a first- and last-time visitor to your site.

Jill Bonnar
Jill Bonnar

not a single one of those even raised a chuckle, kids at home with photoshop made more funny parody covers than any of those. get a life and learn how to google image search.

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