Listomania: Nine Songs That May or May Not Be About Paying Your Taxes

As part of their ongoing strategy to make April the most hated month of the year, the U.S. government requires that you turn in your taxes on Monday.

Yes, that's right: It's the time of year again where you have to strain your eyes and flip through your receipts, desperately hoping to find possible deductions, and all while dreading a possible audit.

To help stop the stress from making you pull a Wesley Snipes, we've compiled a list of nine songs to help get you through official tax day. Allow the songs to wash over you and calm your nerves. Or just use them as a way of further procrastinating and putting those suckers off.

Either way, check out our list of the nine best songs that may or may not be about taxes after the jump. Just don't forget to do your taxes afterward.

1. The Beatles -- "Taxman"

The Beatles proved it: Make a song about hating tax dudes, and the tax dude-hating public will love it.

2. Cheap Trick -- "Taxman, Mr. Thief"

Cheap Trick and the Beatles are in agreement on this one: They just want that greedy tax guy to stop jackin' their money.

3. The Kinks -- "Sunny Afternoon"

The Kinks are mad that they can't have a yacht, guessed it, taxes.

4. Celine Dion -- "Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)"

Celine reminds us that taxes are inevitable -- as inevitable as hearing "My Heart Will Go On" at least three times on karaoke night, am I right?

5. Donna Summer -- "She Works Hard For the Money"

She does work hard for the money. Too bad she has to give a good portion of it to Uncle Sam.

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