Lisa Loeb Tells Us How She (Selfishly) Got Into The Eyewear Game.

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Catherine Downes
Lisa Loeb performed at Jack's Backyard in Oak Cliff last night.
Last night, we had the chance to sit down with Dallas' Own '90s pop sensation Lisa Loeb for a few minutes before she played to a packed outdoor crowd at Jack's Backyard in Oak Cliff.

And, literally, we really do mean that we only had "a few minutes." Loeb was out and about the venue all night, mingling with her fans -- and, OK, trying to cram in some time to munch on some onion rings -- at the show that had been set up to help celebrate the launch of her new eyewear line, Lisa Loeb Eyewear, and raise funds for her charitable organization, the Camp Lisa Foundation.

Still, Loeb was kind enough with her time to sit down with us and chat with us about her new eyewear line before she took to the stage.

Catherine Downes
Some of Loeb's eyewear designs.
What inspired you to make an eyewear line?
Well, I wear glasses, and I've worn them since I was a teenager. And I'm always looking for the perfect pair. And many, many years later, since I started wearing them, I finally realized that I needed some where the shape was flattering, and there was some fun element about it. Most of the fun glasses [out there] aren't necessarily flattering, and I really wanted to make some that were for me, but also for people who always come up to me and ask what glasses I'm wearing. It's funny, I search every store in every city, looking for the perfect pair and usually don't finding anything. Once every four years or so, I find a pair that I love, and I wear them until I can't wear them anymore. So I've just been trying -- for years -- to get it together and partner with a company, and make my own eyewear line so that I can make glasses that, selfishly for myself, I can wear and have a few different pairs that fit me, but also glasses that have a nice lift that aren't necessarily grandma cat-eye glasses. So that's what inspired me; I just wanted glasses for myself, and to provide more glasses like that for other people.

What was the design process like?
It's a really long process to design the glasses! I was inspired by a number of pairs of glasses I had worn before, or certain iconic frames that I've seen in advertising and things like that from the '50s and '60s. Textures [and] colors from life that I love, compiling all this information, and working with people who know all the technical aspects of the glasses. An element that we're still working on is the cut of glasses that not only I like to wear, but will actually look good on other people. The first round of glasses is a little narrower, and I didn't realize that some of our bigger glasses aren't big enough for some people's faces -- and people that don't really have big faces. So we're working with shapes and sizes, and as we continue to develop it'll be more cat-eyes and more things that make people feel like they're wearing cat-eyes -- like, you know you could wear a really narrow pencil skirt, but if you're not made for a narrow pencil skirt, there's a version of that you can make that'll feel like a narrow pencil skirt. This is a collaboration with a company down in San Diego, so there was the design element of me and my inspiration, the feeling I wanted to have, and then just a lot of back and forth with manufacturing and trying different colors -- just back and forth for many years until we could get our first set of glasses.

Do you have a favorite pair?
The ones I'm wearing now which are called Hello Lisa. I also really like the Every Day frames, but they're a little wide for my face.

Today is a fundraiser event for the Camp Lisa Foundation, can you tell me a little about the organization?
I made a record called Camp Lisa, and it's the second of two kid's records that I've made. It has old, traditional, summer camp songs -- songs that were inspired by my days at summer camp. I love summer camp, and when we were making the record I realized that I wanted to be more involved in summer camp. The best way for me to do it was to create a foundation, so that all the sales from the record could go towards sending kids to summer camp. So, I don't have a summer camp yet, but all the proceeds from the record go to [Camp Lisa Foundation] and the raffle tickets, and 20 percent of the eyewear [bought today] goes to the Camp Lisa Foundation, which is now donating to SCOPE, an organization that is based on the east coast that already has the mechanisms in place to find the kids to go to camp -- underprivileged kids that probably wouldn't be able to go, and then they send them to really great, regular, summer camps.

See more of Loeb's eyewear line at

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