In Anticipation of Record Store Day, A By-The-Numbers Look at Dallas-Area Record Stores

Record Store Day -- you know, the day when everyone puts down their laptops, logs off of Amazon or iTunes (or, uh, MediaFire), and heads off to support their local brick-and-mortar record store -- is fast approaching. Just two days off now, even.

In this week's paper, Daniel Hopkins purveys your Saturday options, checking in with the goings-on at Dallas' Good Records, Bill's Records and CD Source, Fort Worth's Doc's Records and Vintage, Grand Prairie's Forever Young Records and Denton's Mad World Records. A helpful commenter has even chimed in to share the happenings up at Denton's Recycled Books, Records and CDs.

So, suffice it to say, there's plenty to experience. But, lest you've forgotten, these stores are open the rest of the year, too. So, to that end, we've also compiled a list of fun facts about area stores -- the biggest store in the region, the biggest collection in the region, the number of in-stores at Good Records, that sort of thing -- and placed it into a fun infographic for you to check out after the jump.

It's fairly enlightening stuff, we think. And almost literally so when it comes to the number of light bulbs on the racks at Good Records...

Design by Alexander Flores

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We'd like to say that we're very proud to be helping Mad World out on Saturday.

Cliff Notes
Cliff Notes

We are a small shop, we make up in quality over quantity, and most of it is used. We have been told we have a good selection of Jazz and blues, and we have some fun 45's and 78's. We also carry books on music and musicians along with all sorts of fun pop culture items.We will not have any special RSD releases, but we are offering 20% off all vinyl on Saturday. Cliff Notes is a the last of the one tiny room book and record stores. Come support the dying art of the mom and pop shop! We ♥ you and appreciate you!

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