How Many Record Stores Do You Think Exist in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region? Really. Guess.

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Tomorrow, as you now doubt are well aware by now, is the fourth annual official Record Store Day, in which we all get together and celebrate the brick-and-mortar shops that have managed to survive through the economy and the Internet stealing all of the action.

But, really, just how bad are things in the record store business? At the risk of sounding callous, they might not be so bad.

The Texas Music Office, which is a real thing that Governor Rick Perry (a known fan of music) runs at least in title, just sent out a press release to promote the annual holiday-of-sorts, with it including links to all the record stores in the state's major metro regions, which is something the office keeps tabs on.

And how many record stores do you think still exist in the North Texas region? After all of the sob stories we've heard in recent years, you'd think it'd be low. But, actually, the number is shockingly high.

Turns out there are well over 75 stores still open in the region. Granted, some of the ones that pop up on the list don't deserve to be there -- like, uh, local show promotion company Parade of Flesh -- but, regardless, it's a staggering figure. And that doesn't even count the likes of Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Check out the list in full here. Then see if you can beat me to figuring out what, if anything, this means.

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Edward Hamm
Edward Hamm

The leader, by far, is Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie (whoever wrote that Sundance Records in San Marcos had the biggest LP collection in Texas obviously never set foot in here).  Bill's is still around, but his relatively new location on Lamar pales in comparison to his Spring Valley glory days.  CD Souce (Old Town) and Good Records (Lower Greenville) are the others I readily think of, and that's about it for Dallas County.  Other than that, it's pretty much down to the flagship Half Price store on TX-12 and your national big boxes.  I hear there are still a couple good record stores in Fort Worth (near TCU) and one in Denton (near UNT), but I don't make it out there much.


"Printapons" is a deal-of-the-day website that is localized if a certain number of people sign up for the offer, then the deal becomes available to all; if the predetermined minimum is not met, no one gets the deal that day.


Errrr, Didn't all the CD Warehouses clothes a year or two ago?

Justin this is the list you want if you want the great limited edition record store day goodies. there are 9 in dallas! don't know why the gov or anyone would count best buy target or walmart... those aren't record stores, just stores that happen to sell records sometimes.

Spelling Douche
Spelling Douche

No, but they did close. Also, there are several of those shops that don't exist anymore, and haven't for a few years.


Alright, Pete, I'm not a statistician, but this is just bad alphabet on your part. I spent about 30 minutes researching this list. I have to admit, I had my doubts. They were confirmed. On this point I may have made some sort of mistake. No idea what that would have been, but I'll just assume that since you get paid for this that I misinterpreted. It appears from your article that the "well over 75" list does not include best buy. Although the list seems to have "Best Buy Regional Office" in the #2 spot (alphabetical list). Also, I personally (again, I'm no meteorologist) consider Fry's Electronics well within the boundaries of "the likes of Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart". Anyways, not a big deal, could be my mistake.

There are a couple other minor details I noticed as well. Though I must say, I don't get paid for this, I cook food. Therefore, I probably missed a few others. This is what I found:

Borders is listed twiceHeritage Auction onceFamily Christian, seven timesMardel Christian, 12 timesFry's Electronics, twiceBest Buy oncePipe Dream once

Now, you could say that multiple locations under one name still count as separate record stores. I wouldn't argue that. What I would argue is that I imagine records, or CDs rather(!), make up a very small portion of these stores profits. That's 26 stores on a list of 84. At least that's my count. I must admit I did get pretty tired after I hit the 75 mark, but I trucked on, by god I trucked on. And, I may have counted all of them.

After that I found a couple other issues. Kontagiouz Soundz' website is dead. Their myspace was last updated August 2010. Nocturnal seems to be some sort of festival. I got tired after a couple clicks. Remix Dallas used to have a website apparently, it's dead now. Also, their Google Places page has a one star review from the current resident that has their old telephone number.

I also don't think Keepsakes Catholic Gifts should count. Not because their catholic, but because they probably sell more communion gowns than CDs.

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