Download: Clay Pendergrass Passes Along Three "Pete Freedman's A Bitch" Remixes

At the risk of giving too much attention to a song aimed at bringing me down, I feel compelled to speak on the matter of "Pete Freedman's A Bitch" once more this morning, simply due to the fact that one enterprising area musician took the time to take me up on my halfhearted call for someone to create some remixes for the song.

Yep: Clay Pendergrass, long a player in the local scene, just passed along three remixes he made for the song -- a funk version, a swing version and an Egyptian Lover-type creation, all of which clock in at over three minutes (the last coming in at just a hair over seven), which is something of a feat considering that the original was just 30 seconds long on its own.

This thing, clearly, has taken on a life of its own at this point. And, lest I be so nose-in-the-air to let Pendergrass' hard work go without recognition, you can check out all three of his remixes after the jump, where, yes, you can go ahead and download them, too. I like the swing one best, for what it's worth.

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