Avett Brothers Cancel Saturday Night Show, Schedule Two Replacement Shows For October

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The Avetts are really excited about Scott's new baby.
After the jump, the Avett Brothers' Scott Avett explains that, due to the impending birth of his second child, he and the rest of the band will be canceling their swing through Texas this weekend -- meaning that Dallas, along with Austin and Houston, will get no Avett show this month, oh well.

Kinda sucks for the local Avett fans, though: Of the three stops the band scheduled throughout the state, it seems that only the Dallas date had sold out in advance, if I'm reading the information in front of me correctly.

So, in turn, it's kind of a classy move that, in addition to the re-scheduled Saturday, October 15, make-up show that the Avetts will be playing at the Palladium Ballroom, they've also scheduled a second date to take place the very night before, and at the very same venue.

But, um, one question. Don't you generally have a sense of when a child is going to be born? I don't have any kids, which probably makes me the wrong person to posit such a concern, but I did take a sex ed class once, and I'm pretty sure there's some nine-month thing going on there. So why even schedule a tour?

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I should just be congratulating Avett on his new baby. He seems like a good enough dude in the note he wrote to explain the cancellations. Again, read it after the jump.


Dallas, TX- Due to the celebration of the upcoming birth of Scott Avett's newest child, the April 16th The Avett Brother's performance has been postponed until October 15th. A second Dallas date will be added. Information on the second show date will be coming soon.

Scott Avett statement-

"It is with great excitement that we announce the upcoming birth of my second child.  This has been such a special time for our family and we are waiting with joyous anticipation for the arrival of our baby.
Unfortunately, we regret that the Avett Brothers must reschedule our upcoming shows in Houston, TX on April 14, Austin, TX on the 15th and Dallas, TX on the 16th, so that I may be by my wife's side as we welcome our new baby. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I also apologize for the late notice, but we waited until the last possible minute to make this decision.
I would like to say a very heart-felt thank you to everyone for your well-wishes and kind words during this time.  We will see you all very soon; please see below for rescheduled information.

1. Houston at the Verizon Wireless Theatre has been rescheduled for Friday May 20!
2. Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom has been rescheduled for Saturday Oct. 15, AND, a second night has been added for Friday Oct. 14, with on-sale information coming in about a week!
3. Austin was particularly challenging because it is part of the 4-day Old Settler's Music Festival.  Per festival policy, there are no refunds.  HOWEVER, by special arrangement, The Avett Brothers have agreed to return to Austin on Sunday Oct. 16 at a venue to be determined.  Festival ticket holders have a choice of attending the Old Settler's Music Festival as planned, or, holding on to your ticket and redeeming it for admission to the re-scheduled Avett Brothers performance on Oct. 16, BUT NOT BOTH.  Only those not attending the festival will be allowed admission to the show on Oct. 16.  Exact venue information for the rescheduled show will be announced as soon as possible, some time before the end of April.

Thank you for understanding the difficult nature of this situation."

In truth,
Scott Avett & The Avett Brothers

Tickets purchased for the April 16th performance will still be honored for the specific October 15th date. Refunds are available at the point of purchase. Information on the second show date will be announced shortly.

For more news and show information:

Location Info


Palladium Ballroom - CLOSED

1135 S. Lamar Road, Dallas, TX

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go back to that class?
go back to that class?

Sometimes babies arrive early. You really didn't know that? Then I would say, yes, you are crazy.

The band had a two week break set to start right after the TX shows. I'm guessing that's when the baby was DUE.


Babies do not always come on schedule! Sounds to me like the delivery date was moved up for some reason, perhaps complications arose, or they just lost their notching stick. Either way, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and just say congratulations.


What the Avetts did was highly unprofessional. The girl was pregnant months before the Avetts tour dates were announced. The responsible thing would have been to not take the job. The next best option would be giving time to book another impressive headliner. Or at least give fans a whole weeks notice to get out of any travel cost obligations. However the Avett's took the worst option and bailed out at the last minute.


Goddammit, I already bought a new plaid shirt and had my beard groomed!


Please stop talking! You sound like the same idiot who was whining on FaceBook! Things happen! Deal with it!

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