Watch: Missile -- "Fighter"

Dallas punk outfit Missile only kind of takes itself seriously -- something Jesse Hughey discovered upon reviewing the band's debut EP back in October, and something only re-affirmed by this mockumentary the band has posted that looks into its "storied" past.

But that tongue-in-cheek attitude is clearly part of the appeal. And it comes into play in a major way int he band's just-released music video for its song "Fighter." Posted after the jump for your viewing pleasure, the pretty amazing video, which takes more than a few cues from the Nintendo Entertainment System classic game Double Dragon, is pretty much all satire. Trust us, you'll want to see it.

Meanwhile, as to why local bands keep mining classic video games for inspiration? We have no idea.

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It's as if this were made just for me!


Thank you Pete, everyone worked really hard on this video and we are honored to be featured in this article.

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