Watch: Lil Twist -- "Love Affair (featuring Lil Wayne)"

Lil Twist
After the jump, you can watch the just-released music video from Oak Cliff's Own Lil Twist, for his Lil Wayne-featuring song called "Love Affair," which is set to be part of the 18-year-old's upcoming debut Don't Get It Twisted full-length.

But, first, a word on the young rapper. Namely: What the crap?

Somehow, despite a terrible flow, which is always, without question, filtered through Auto-Tune, and with even worse rhymes, this kid keeps getting hyped up.

Why? Makes no sense far as we can tell here at DC9 HQ.

Someone wanna explain it to us? Seriously: What kind of dirt does his family have on Lil Wayne? Or, for that matter, on XXL, who recently anointed him an artist to watch in 2011 and beyond, by naming him to their 2011 "Freshman Class" alongside the likes of actually decent acts like Yealwolf, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar? How is he even signed to Young Money in the first place?

He seems like a nice kid and all -- maybe too nice, actually -- but is he anything more than a cute kid being used as a ploy to get young girls hot and bothered? Doesn't look like it. And, while I guess there's a place for that kind of junk in popular music, it'd be nice if there was a little actual effort put into it. Right? Right.

Glad we're on the same page, then. Oh, and don't forget to watch that video after the jump, I guess.

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Pete, This article shows how little you know about rap, Dallas artists and the Young Money camp. Twist has been hot on the Dallas scene since he was 10 years old. He has been getting crowds excited for K104 and 97.9 The Beat for years. Grinding hard and touring the world, helping to bring much attention and validity to the Dallas area, and continuing to do so. I think Dwayne Carter, Baby and the Cash Money Young Money team know a little more about our culture than you, mon frere. And, just in case you didn't know, the Young Money camp is most proud of the fact that Twist is the only artist on the YM roster that does not use profanity. He is considered the future of the label. You would think that would make a Dallas music writer proud.

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