Watch: Descender -- "Armor"

The cover of Descender's latest.
In this week's upcoming dead-tree issue of DC9, Alan Ayo takes a close look at Descender's sophomore release, Dark Water, which he sees (SPOILER ALERT!) as a fresh beginning for a band, which, despite featuring members of Deep Ellum mainstays Doosu and Burden Brothers, didn't necessarily live up to its own hype on its 2010 debut, Army of Elephants..

This new one, though, is far too brash to go unnoticed. For proof, check out the band's new music video, for its song "Armor."

Filled with live footage shot at the band's album release show earlier this month at Trees, the video, directed by Red Animal War and Saboteur frontman Justin Wilson, showcases the band's live performance prowess, as well as capably showcasing the band's newfound visceral energy. Give it a watch after the jump.

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My favorite rock song of the year so far...

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