This Week In Dallas Music History: Bedhead's So Good, It Doesn't Need To Turn Things Up.

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In today's edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we turn the page back to 1998, as former Observer contributor Keven McAlester discusses Dallas' most intelligent band, Bedhead, and their third album, Transaction de Novo.

At the time, McAlester wrote that, rather than moving away from the medium of bass, drums and guitars to create more interesting music, Bedhead stuck with the traditional rock 'n' roll format, and, in doing so, had created something riveting and sophisticated.

Their method? As the title of McAlester's story suggests, turning things down.

But, by the time Transaction de Novo came out, the band's restrained approach had already entered every facet of their career: The band rarely did interviews, rarely toured, and turned down several major label deals. Instead, its members were free to live an unrestrained life, traveling the world to follow other interests. It may not have been the best career move, but the music sure benefited from it.

Check out the entire story after the jump.

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If that margin is too tight, check out the entire story in the Observer archives.

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on a side note, that leaning house jazz show at borders was amazing

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