At The Village Voice Media SXSW Showdown and...Fireworks!

Nick Rallo
And the hommmme of the...
Bones and walls are rattling. There's thundering everywhere!

The bass thunder is coming from the Village Voice Media SXSW party, which kicked-off 'round 5 p.m. with the awesome rock of Ume and will continue with Trae Tha Truth, Yelawolf, Fishbone, and Wu-Tang Clan (!!). We're sitting next to the Houston Press folks right now, who are liveblogging the whole night. Nice.

Speaking of awesome: fireworks.

We ventured onto the Austin Music Hall 3rd floor for a little breeze and caught some sky 'splosions after The Strokes wrapped up their show by Ladybird Lake. Very cool.

Be sure to follow Houston Press for live coverage of the Village Voice SXSW party throughout the night, and check back to DC9 tomorrow for more photos and video.

Marc Brubaker
Times New Viking at the Village Voice Media Showdown. Soon: Wu-Tang!

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I thought Fireworks broke up years ago

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