The Problem With... Dr. Dre's "I Need A Doctor"

I've been thinking for a while, trying to pin down what I like and loathe about Eminem's writing.

I think I finally got it.

I like the fictional and hypothetical situations he writes -- tracks like "Guilty Conscience" and last year's two-parter "Love the Way You Lie." But, to me, the songs where Em's rapping about his own fame and life always seem whiny and self-important.

I guess it boils down to this: Em's anguish comes out better as fiction instead of in memoir form.

Which is why the subjective single "I Need A Doctor" doesn't really move me. The track sounds like a B-side out of last year's Recovery, due to the same producer coming on board.

Speaking of "Love the Way You Lie," songwriter Skylar Grey shows up in this track with another evocative chorus. Between these tracks and last month's Lupe Fiasco single "Words I Never Said," Skylar is on fire.

Em isn't. Here, he runs through the woods with a flashlight, looking for fuel after he threw it all in for Recovery. The guy even says as much in the track: "I don't even know if I was awake or asleep when I wrote this."

Dr. Dre, our subject, appears at the tail end of the track -- but he seems kinda snappy and bitter. In fact, he hasn't been this defensive since "Forgot About Dre."

Seems like Dre's got something to say, But when he moves his mouth, what comes out sounds like Cartman's angry depart, "Screw yew gaz, ahm goin' home."

Em might lament that Dre doesn't remember who he is. I think Dre's still got it, as we saw in last year's single "Kush." Not only was it cool, but "Kush" gave Snoop something else to do instead of appearing in Candyland, in daytime soaps and on Martha Stewart.

Here's hoping Dre's long-awaited Detox has more tracks like "Kush" and less griping like this one. Either way, though, "I Need A Doctor" will likely stick around. We might hear the chorus appear in promos for medical dramas -- maybe even Doctor Who, if doctors worth being reincarnated is our full aim.

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Web Commoner
Web Commoner

Wrong. Em and Dre might be rapping about themselves, but the true genius in songs like, "I Need A Doctor," is how easily others can relate. I never walked the streets of Compton with a gat in my hand or produced multiplatinum rap records, but I'm a person with regrets, insecurities, and emotions, which Em and Dre both project in this video, addressing uniquely human experiences like losing or fighting with loved ones, being disappointed by a friend or, in Eminem's case, having friends to rely on when others let you down. If nothing else, for one of the forefather's of so-called gangster rap to release a video that touches on these subjects and reflect such personal emotions, it's a pretty big deal and, in my opinion, very evolutionary and progressive in nature.

This is the video that someone makes when they finally grow up, and it's the video that someone hates when they only know what it's like to be immature. Only a robot would hope for an album full of songs like Kush.


Shahryar Rizvi youre a dumbass.

White Shadow
White Shadow

your opinion...go fuck yourself....theres mine


haters gonna hate. I totally agree with Rizvi...Em sucks ass on this song. And actually so does the chorus and the beat IMHO

In fact, I think this is one of the worst songs Dr. Dre has ever appeared on...

But the video is wicked cool. Skylar looks sexy as hell all floating around and shit.

The Sci-fi aspect of it is really cool and so is the vintage footage and the props to Eazy.

Also, this should TOTALLY be on a Doctor Who promo!!

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