The Best Performer of All at This Year's SXSW? Seryn, If You Ask Paste.

Regrettably, we didn't make it out to Paste's Thursday day party featuring North Texas' own Sarah Jaffe and Seryn (fellow North Texans Eisley played the magazine's Wednesday party), and, to hear Paste tell it, boy, did we miss out: The venerable and regrettably now online-only music rag claims Seryn's performance at their party was the single best thing that happened all SXSW long. And, remember, this was a weekend that included performances from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Diddy, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, TV on the Radio, Jack White and The Strokes, among countless other bold-faced names -- maybe the most in SXSW history, even.

Says the magazine's editor, Josh Jackson, in his take on the band's show: "[Their] majestic swells make it feel like you're watching Arcade Fire before their first album." High praise, indeed.

But, then again, maybe it's not altogether surprising coming from a magazine that's been openly in love with this band since hearing its debut release.

So maybe we should go by another person's take on the show. How about this one: "It was so awesome!" Then again, that, too, should be taken with a grain of salt -- it was Seryn guitarist Nathan Allen's take on the show when we ran into him later in the day and asked him how the show went.

Maybe it's best you judge the show for yourself: We found some footage of the band's performance, shot by someone named Colleen Hennessey, on Vimeo just now, and have posted it after the jump for your viewing pleasure. The audio leaves a little to be desired, but at least you'll be able to get the idea.

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I typically am not into this type of music at all but I think their personalities and talent shine live. Say what you will but these people can play instruments truly well and seem genuine when they are stage doing it. They deserve the respect and success they get.


ukulele - checksuperfluous drum - checkviolin section - checkextra, extra reverb - check

all the makings of a generic denton band without anything even vaguely interesting

Friend Jeremy
Friend Jeremy

Denton music scene has changed a lot in the past year (they're one of the few who still tote the uke... hahaha). Regardless of their instrument selection, these guys do what they do extremely well. Not sure if you've seen them live, but they kill. Angels descend during their shows.


remembering why Paste is essentially non-existent...

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