South-By-Bingo Music: Found Front Row Texter, St. Paddy's Revelers

Illustration by Noah Patrick Pfarr; Design by Alexander Flores
Be on the lookout for immodest Bestwurst eating.

We're so close.

You may have noticed yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. 'Round one in the morning, there were enough drunk St. Paddy's day fans wandering downtown Austin to fill a stadium. So, we're going to consider that space marked.

We stopped into Mexican Summer & Gorilla Vs. Bear's killer lineup today, which featured Grimes, Summer Camp and Cass McCombs. Cass was exacto-knife sharp (we'll be along soon with photos and video), and (kinda better?) we were able to spot another bingo square: the front-row texter.

Nick Rallo
Found: One Front-Row Texter at Cass McCombs.

Nick Rallo
Found: Sunglasses indoors, which alas, was not Julian Casablancas. This is EMA at Peckerheads

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