South-By-Bingo Music Edition: Animal Hats and Uber-Street Performer Found

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Illustration by Noah Patrick Pfarr; Design by Alexander Flores
Two found squares. Click here
Last week, we had our Art Director Alexander Flores and illustrator Noah Patrick Pfarr create a bingo card based on what we'd likely see at SXSW.

Turns out our predictions are fairly accurate so far. While we haven't seen Bill Murray or a Monster Energy car annihilate a Red Bull car, we were able to fill in a few bingo spaces at yesterday's big day o' music. We know what you're thinking: "Photos, or it didn't happen." One step ahead of you -- make the jump for photo evidence of the day's findings.

Hopefully Bill Murray will serve up some drinks again. Remember: if you catch these items around Austin, let us know in the comments!
Nick Rallo
Found: Girl in Animal Hat
Nick Rallo
Found: Uber-Street Performer

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