So, Lady Gaga Performed "Born This Way" at the Round-Up Saloon Last Night...

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Nick Rallo
No monitor has ever been photographed so much.
Speaking of an intense music weekend...

Twitter was abuzz around midnight last night. The rumor: Lady Gaga is crashing the Round-Up Saloon on Cedar Springs. Gaga, as you're probably aware, is performing tonight at the American Airlines Center with the Scissor Sisters for her Monster Ball Tour.

Turns out Twitter's ears heard right: I got there at around midnight-thirty. The place was packed; word, clearly, had gotten 'round.

"Please don't rush the stage," the club's announced said over the P.A., "or I'll kick you in the nuts." Someone nearby screamed, "Is she here?"

After an hour of tight maneuvering -- a massive ring of people surrounded the dance floor -- the announcer, finally, finally loudly spoke, "Give it up for the Monster herself ... Lady Gaga."

Huge thunderous roar!

At about 1:30 a.m., the lights dimmed and a stunned crowd watched Lady Gaga perform "Born This Way" (there's video after the jump).

It happened fast. Damn fast. Like a lightning strike. One and done. She finished the performance, took a bow with her dancers, then exited the dance floor. At which point the announcer came back on and spoke loudly into the microphone: "After the concert, come back to the Round-Up Saloon... she may come back, you never know."

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Round-Up Saloon

3912 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX

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OMG, the screamer kills the video. oh well

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