Listomania: The Ten Best Bands That Might Actually Be Cults

Listen: When you all wear the same uniform, people are gonna accuse you of being a cult.
There are plenty of bands over the years who have used the word "cult" in their names. From '70s hard rockers Blue Oyster Cult to '80s Brit rockers The Cult to '90s art rockers Cloud Cult to current indie darling duo Cults, the phenomenon isn't really all that new.

Meanwhile, other groups like Phish, Minor Threat and KISS who have developed such devoted fan bases they've been said to have cult-like followings.

But then there exists another set of bands -- acts like Akron/Family, who are set to appear tonight at The Loft -- that, intentionally or not, take the concept a bit further, often being accused of being actual cults. And, we have to admit, we can kind of see where folks are coming from.

So on that note, we've come up with a list of the ten best bands that might actually be cults.

(Oh, and also after the jump, we have details on how you can win one of five free pairs of tickets we've got to tonight's Akron/Family show.)

(Want one of the free pairs tickets? OK, just be among the first five people to email Pete, starting right now, with the words "Cult of Personality" in the subject line, and you're in! Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!)



This trio of bearded weirdos have mysterious back stories and are constantly having to dispel rumors they practice a religion called "AK."

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Nothing says 'cult' quite like 20-plus overly happy people in matching robes or military attire, singing about the sun.


Their "Dead Head" fans not only pioneered the cult-following phenomenon, but they've never quite been equaled in their willingness to travel in huge droves across the country to watch the band perform night after night.

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just sayin'
just sayin'

You got the Mayhem story all wrong. The bass player killed their guitar player. And that murdered guitar player was the same guy who had earlier found the body of their lead singer with a shotgun blast to his head. You got the brain stew rumor right, but you missed out on mentioning that the guitar player took skull fragments and made necklaces out of them.

Oh, and when the guitar player stumbled across his singer after the suicide, he snapped a picture and they used it as the cover for an E.P.

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