Best Of SXSW Friday: Cass McCombs, Turbo Fruits and Crawfish

All photos by Nick Rallo
The award for Best Pissed Off Art Installation goes to this piece outside the Bank of America on 6th.
Around 3:30 yesterday, Cass McCombs played a strikingly perfect set at Gorilla vs. Bear's SXSW Day Party. It was only half way through the day, the place was sweltering, and there was a front row texter requesting songs to the McCombs's bass player. Cass wrapped up a jazzy, egg-shakey tune and whispered into the mic: "I hate this place."

We're assuming he meant the everlastingly humid Klub Krucial, and not SXSW. It was too good of a show. So, maybe Cass deserves a Slightly Cantankerous, But Awesome award from yesterday?

After the jump, find our picks for Best Of's from a totally busy, overwhelmingly exciting SXSW Friday, and the above installation art piece that was sandwiched on the corner of a Bank of America. What a day.
All photos by Nick Rallo
Pujol at Peckerheads, MOKB's day party.
Best Raw Rock and Roll Guitar - Pujol
Rollicking riffs from this Nashville group at My Old Kentucky Blog's Day Party made a sticky, hot bar totally worth it.

Cass McCombs
Best Band With Copious Egg Shaker - Cass McCombs
A subtle set from the Pitchfork-loved Californian, which was made less subtle by his quiet, little-bit pissed off "I hate this place" murmur. Nevertheless, it was an excellent set. Whole lot of egg-shaker goin on too.

Outside the Bank of America on 6th
Best Angry Art Installation
Cornered at the intersection of Congress and 6th yesterday was a little bit of pissed-off political art (right next to a Bank of America branch). As you can see, a lot of work went into the piece, no joke.

Don't jump!
Best Found Food Art
Walking down 5th street near Colorado, you could have missed it. But there it was! No explanations--merely a line of cooked, tasty looking crawfish arranged in marching ant fashion. Fascinating. 

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