140-Character SXSW 2011 Show Reviews: Smith Westerns, Odd Future

Seems our incessant festival coverage over the past few weeks has indeed caught up with me; I'm sorry to say that I'm holed up in my hotel at the moment, fighting off some sort of bug that my beaten immune system is having trouble shaking.

Nonetheless, I did catch a few shows yesterday, including the complete Odd Future lineup and Smith Westerns yesterday at the oh-so-hip Fader Fort. See our 140-character takes on these buzzing performers after the jump.

Smith Westerns at Fader Fort
Young, sibling-led Chicago 5-piece knows its way around a pop tune and harmony, even as hair covers their eyes. And, oh, those guitar tones!

Odd Future at Fader Fort
Mosh-pits at a rap show? Haven't seen that in a minute. Then again, haven't seen anything as promising as this outfit in a minute, either...

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