Watch: The Famine -- "Ad Mortem"

The Famine
In case you haven't been paying attention: Dallas-Fort Worth has been back on a metal kick of late, with new metal bands popping up and grabbing our attention -- like Warbeast and Maleveller, to name a few.

Now there's another act to add to the list of attention-worthy upstarts: Arlington's The Famine, who will release their sophomore album, The Architects of Guilt, next week, on February 15.

Already deemed "the album you want to play for anyone who thinks Texas metal died with Dimebag Darrell" by the Alternative Press, the disc seems primed to launch the band, easily the most brutal thing we've heard out of Arlington since the Pantera days, toward some pretty substantial metal cred -- even in the face of the band's album coming on Solid State Records, a  traditionally Christian metal-focused label, a distinction that both the band and its supporters say has very little, if anything, to do with the band's aim.

Our own early listens to the album would tend to back that up. There are, of course, references to death and apocalyptic times throughout the disc -- but since when is that a Christian thing and not just a generic metal thing? Does it matter? Not really when the band comes off this brutally. See what we mean after the jump, where we've posted the band's epic new music video for the lead single off its new album, "Ad Mortem." You can also stream another track off the disc, called "The Crown and the Holy See," right here.

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Justin Julian
Justin Julian

I'm an old school metal guy, and the kids have just rode off and left me behind. I can NOT get behind the vocals these days. The screeching, the cookie monster generic grumbles, all of it. It requires no talent beyond being able to keep a beat, it guarantees your lyrics are 90% incomprehensible, and just generally grate the nerves. Who gives a crap if the music is solid if the vocals are so incredibly suck-tastic?

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